Tuesday, September 20, 2005

of being a groupie and other stuff...

So yeah, it's been a while. I've been either busy or a bum (sometimes both) lately. Anyway, I just felt like sharing a bit today, so here I am!

Yeah, I'm happy lately. Life is good. Praise God. I had been praying about making some friends in the area, and it looks like God is providing for me. I'm even getting a good English/Japanese mix, so that I can communicate and also improve my Japanese. More on that later.

One really cool thing that really built me up this week happened on Sunday. Every Sunday we have Cell group meetings. Well, this week was my turn to do the Bible Study. I was lucky, the passage was amazing easy to write a Bible Study for. But she told me she liked it, which made me happy, and also, she told me that she thinks I make a good leader. I'm really happy about that. It's nice to hear that and have it affirmed. Sometimes I wonder about my leadership capability. But things here seem to be going great. For me, everything is really easy and has been falling into place. I can only credit God's grace in this. I am so thankful! And I'm having a great time!

Also, another couple of recent developments that have nothing to do with church or work. I forget if I've written about Ramen Boy yet, but if I haven't, I will eventually dedicate a post to him. But the sad news is, he is going back to China next month for good. He seems really happy about it, so I'm happy for him, but I will be sad to see him go, esp since we have been communicating more lately. Sad.

But the good news is that I've recently made some new friends. At a big station nearby there is an area where there are lots of street performers etc. Well, I like to stop and listen to the bands sometimes. About three weeks ago, I stopped to listen to this one band, and the lead singer started talking to me in English. I was a bit embarrassed (I didn't really want to be singled out in front of the crowd) but it turned out to be a good thing. I talked with him some, and started going back to listen to them more. Well, it looks like I've made it "in" and I think I get to be a groupie! horray! So now I'm making friends with the other groupies, and I even started talking to the other band member who doesn't speak English. It's great. Everyone is really friendly, and several speak English, plenty want to practice, and others will speak to me in Japanese. Several are really shy, but the more I see them, the more we talk. So, I'm really happy with this. Of course none of them are Christian, but maybe God will work through these friendships. Everyone already knows I work in a church, and no one's freaked out yet, so that's a good thing. Anyway, I'll be praying about that situation. I'm just happy because it gives me something outside church, school and ramen to do. Maybe I'll learn some stuff about music while I'm at it. :-D

Anyway, all this adds up to making me a very happy person. :-D