Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Please excuse us while we are having technical difficulties....

Well, just in case there is anyone out there waiting with baited breath for me to post something beautiful and inspiring....

(yes, you can laugh here)

It seems my laptop has had a bit of a mental breakdown and is unable to function correctly.  I do have access to blogger at my work computer(which is where I am typing from now), but I don't often feel inspired to write at work.

So now I'm navigating the logistics of budget, if I can afford a new laptop, how to purchase the new laptop and how to get it from America to Japan in a reasonable time and affordable way.

In other news, it has been about 4 years since I last purchased a laptop, and maybe 8 years since I seriously knew what I was doing.  Technology has passed by me and I find myself confused at what it all means!  There was a time when I felt reasonably technologically savvy.  That time has passed, and I'm now in the "barely staying afloat" stage.

My previous two laptops were Sony Vaio, which were nice at the time.  Sony is now WAY out of my budget (actually it was the previous times I bought laptops, but somehow money was miraculously provided each time).  Now I'm am less sure of what I want, other than a decent computer to use daily, that is not so heavy, doesn't overheat so easily, and is faster than my previous computer.  I'm considering something ultra-cheap (in the $350-400 range) or one that looks pretty good but is in the $800 range.  Decisions decisions.

In any case, I'm guessing I will be taking a temporary blogging hiatus.

Thanks for reading!