Saturday, July 26, 2014

The realities of a Hero's Entrance

Is it really July???  Really?


I'm sure there are people who have been waiting to know what happened to me after my last few posts.

Sorry about that.  How about an update?

Ok, here we go.

In short, God came charging in on a while horse with sword swinging and swept me up with Him.

I was rescued.

Horray!  Dancing and singing!  Hands clapping!  Fireworks!  Smiles and hugs!

And crazy busy!

Wow.  When you read about rescues in stories, it's exciting, then it's over, finished.

But being rescued is a process.  You are suddenly swept up and are running at full speed.  There's confusion and fatigue and relief.

It's a bit crazy.

So after I wrote my last blog, things started moving for me fairly quickly.  In the space of one week I suddenly had 7 different job opportunities presented to me, and interviews and mailing and resume writing and updating.  It was crazy.  I went to two interviews, and I was offered a job at both places.  I was also waiting on word for a High School job that would have had me making more money than I had ever dreamed before.  (Yeah, I don't dream about making lots of money apparently...  I think I would rather just have money than work for it.  Oops, did I just write that?)

There was a lot of lost sleep, and a lot of thinking about my future and trying to figure out where God was directing me.  In the end, I accepted a position as a pre-school teacher about an hour and a half from where I live.

I don't regret it at all.  It's a good school, with the cutest kids.  I have fun smiling and laughing with the kids everyday.  It makes a huge difference in my overall attitude.  My salary is considerably higher than before, so I'm eating better and I'm able to go out a bit more.  The hours are much better, although I have far fewer vacations.

But I still stay busy, (which is the excuse I'm giving for not updating my blog.)

Things are finally settling down, and I'm starting to figure out what I can and cannot do on my new salary.  I still have a while to go before I can consider myself in a financially stable situation, but I feel like things are moving in the right direction.

So that's my update for now.  I will try to keep posting when I can, but I find I spend much less time on the computer now than I did before.  This is probably a good thing though.

Anyway, I would like to thank all those that prayed for me and offered encouraging comments.  I really appreciate it!