Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Really Super Exciting Stuff!

So wow. I can't even begin to start to tell you what a week this has been. (it's only Wed!!!) Well, let's start with the mundane and move upwards shall we?
Well, I had another creativity boost. Must be because of the emotional gambit I've been running lately. Here's the latest creation.

And so in Japan, fur is definitely a fashion statement. I was never really into fur in Texas, because well, face it, there wasn't a need. But fur does turn out to be amazingly warm. Along the way, I seem to have acquired a few fur accessories. I actually did buy the multi-colored muffler thing. It was really cheap and it matches everything. So I wore it last week, and my students really loved it. Then this one student (think grandma) told me she had a bag that looked very similar. Well, yesterday, she brought me the bag and gave it to me! Crazy. So now I have this very expensive looking bag that matches my muffler thing. Who would have thought!

And today, I finally got my test results for the Japanese test I took in December! I passed! I can hardly believe it! I only passed by like 7 points, but it was basically a pass or fail type of test. I'm really excited.

And finally, for the most exciting news of all. I have a job. Actually for a week there I had two jobs. I passed the interview for the ALT position I tried for. But I turned it down. Mainly because I will continue to work in VYM for one more year at my current church. I will definitely write more details later. Actually it's time for me to go back to class now, so this is an end of this post. More coming later!!!!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

New creation

Here is the product of my latest creativity spurt. I was having problems with the editing program crashing on me, but I finally managed to get it done. It's such a funny program too. You kinda have to figure out the rules as you go along. It will be really cool when I actually know how to work the silly program.