Thursday, May 03, 2007

Last trip with Bethany.

So, I came to Japan with Bethany. There was another girl in our orientation group, Lauren, but she came later than we did and left earlier. And she also had already studied Japanese, so she had separate classes than Bethany and I.

So many of the things we did in Japan, Bethany and I shared together. Getting off the plane together, eating the first meals, etc. We had a good relationship together, even though we were both really different.

So, Bethany's time in Japan has ended, and she has left the country. It's a bit strange being here without her, but that's the price you pay when you stay longer.

We decided that before she left, we should do something special together. So we went to one of her favorite places in Tokyo, an island called Odaiba. On this island there is a really fancy Onsen, or Hot Springs. It's made to look like an old fashioned village. It's really nice place. Inside everyone wears yukata , or traditional robes. It was a really nice experience. Here are some pictures from the trip.

The top one is a picture of Tokyo Tower from the island. You can also see one of the famous bridges in the picture. I think this was my first time to actually go to Odaiba and have the weather be nice.

Then you have pictures of Bethany and I out front and one of Bethany inside in her yukata.

It was a really good experience. There are more pictures on my web albums if you care to look. (yeah I finally got the pictures off my camera, so it's a big update time.)

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