Friday, April 01, 2011

And thus a chapter has ended.

I write my first blog post from my new apartment tonight. Tonight we have officially moved in. We have spent the first week of Spring Break packing, moving, and meeting people. Wednesday was the Farewell ceremony for the teachers who were leaving the school, so I went back to school for the last time. I got my flowers, and gave a little speech. The second year English teacher and I had worked well together, and we both cried just a little saying good-bye.

Thursday we packed and cleaned (I packed my enormous amount of stuff and my poor roommate cleaned and packed the kitchen.) and in the evening we went to my friends house to celebrate her daughter's one year birthday. It was fun, and we spent the night. This morning we made 4 car trips with all the stuff. The same church member helped us today, and treated us to lunch again. She even bought us microwave rice! And then on the last load, she managed to convince the neighborhood boys playing outside to help carry the last of our stuff to our house!

Today we finally started seeing neighbors and signs of life in our apartment complex. I met a lady with 4 toy poodles who was very friendly.

So here we are. My roommate is out tonight meeting one of the teachers she got along well with at her old school. I have taken a shower and a bath (Japanese bath's are the best! It's so wonderful. Our old house had a western style bathtub which I hate.) and eaten my first meal here. Tomorrow morning we meet up with our other roommate who is coming up for a weekend visit. She will get to see the apartment for the first time. Then we go to the old house to get the washing machine moved and (hopefully) the little stuff that still there waiting to be brought over.

It's all somewhat unreal. It's hard to believe I will be living here from now on. A week from today I will start teaching at my new job.

Good-byes have been said. Utilities have been canceled and started. A vast amount of stuff has been moved (why do I need so much stuff???) A chapter has ended.

Time to start looking forward to the new chapter.


Katy said...

I'm so glad the move went well! Looking forward to posts from your upcoming "chapter"! :)
God bless, always.

ModelDrink said...

Super blog.

Intive me :)