Monday, December 12, 2011

When the sky clears

It's been rainy and cold lately here. I've been very thankful so far for our new apartment, which is MUCH much warmer than my last house.

Tonight, on my way home from the doctor, I was able to catch the sunset. On clear days you can even see Mt. Fuji. I hurried home to grab my camera, and went to a pedestrian bridge near my house to try get a few shots. Unfortunately, the bridge is right over a major road, so it's not such a spectacular view, but I thought I'd put up some pictures anyway. I've been slacking off in the picture area lately, so here are a few shots of my new neighborhood. :-D

From the bridge looking towards Mt. Fuji, it's small, but you can see it.

The stairs leading up the bridge. Notice the flat area in the middle for bicycles.

In the middle of the buildings to the upper right is where I go for my foot rehabilitation.

A few closer shots of Mt. Fuji.

The dusk sky in the other direction.

There is a park in between the one-way roads. Many people take their dogs there for walks. I've played my guitar there once late at night. :-D

It stretches for quite a ways.

And the last picture is of the skyline opposite from Mt. Fuji. Even north of Tokyo, we have our fair share of skyscrapers.


ArtyMarti said...

Enjoyed your pictures. Would love to see Mt. Fuji close up. Hope your foot is healing. Season's Blessings.

Tracie said...

I have always wanted to live in Japan. In a way I am living there through you. You are a inspiration to me and others. May God bless you and even though we all have our faults, we are still loved by Him.

kLaraBj said...

buen blog!!
si te gusta la fotografia
te invito a ver el mio
un saludo!

rsctt said...

cool pictures, must be neat.

Kelline said...

Hi fellow nutbar!! Are you me? hahehehe, I know exactly what you're describing. My son's favorite thing to say to me is, "you're so random," and my daughter-in-law never ceases to remind me that, "you're so weird." I can't help but think that I'm the acception to the rule and I wouldn't change me for nothing! God bless you and thank you for doing the Lord's work.

Yukari said...

very nice pictures :)

Anonymous said...

Very neat pictures, glad I stumbled upon your blog!