Monday, January 03, 2005

of three months.

So, today would be the three month anniversary of my arrival in Japan. I wouldn't have really thought of it, except today I found myself walking back to my apartment, lugging more luggage than I really needed. As I turned a corner, I realized that just three months before I was turning the same corner, with the same bags. It's amazing how much I already feel like this is my home. I can now grocerery shop with more ease, and I even returned from a trip where I had to make all the travel arrangements by myself. I still feel amazingly Blessed to be here, and I am very thankful to God for allowing me to be in this place.


Anonymous said...

Well, tonight (1/7) I went back and read all your previous entries...only took an hour to two. Anyways, now that Im caught up, I should be able to stay that way (hopefuly). Well, I want to think of something sarcastic to say before I finish writing, but its midnight and im tired. Anyways, you had a lot of good thoughts in there (amazingly); I may comment on some later, but for now "good night"


Shihu said...

Thanks for reading it all. You are amazed I have good thoughts (or that I think) and I am amazed you couldn't think of anything sarcastic. Well, maybe your brain had trouble functioning after infecting it with so much of my writing. Maybe I should put up a warning lable. ;-)

Anonymous said...

A warning label would definately be a good idea!