Tuesday, July 04, 2006

of the weekend...

Well, my weekend was pretty nice. Had my Bible Study on Saturday then went to lunch with two of the students. It was nice. Then I came home and got ready to go to the live show for the band. They were playing at a club again. This time it was for a whole hour. It was a really nice show. The sound was good and everything. I had a good time.

My Japanese is getting in a slump though. It comes and goes. Lately I've been feeling really dumb when people try to talk to me. It always seems like a group effort to have a conversation with me. Someone who doesn't speak English (like Mako or Miho) will try to tell me something, usually complicated, and I of course don't understand. So they stop everyone's conversations by calling out "What is this in English?" And everyone has to become involved in the conversation so that I understand. It's rather embarrassing. Also I tried watching a TV show only in Japanese yesterday. I really didn't understand anything. It's frustrating.

The bad news of the weekend is that Sing got sick. He has a fever. He tried playing on Sunday night, but it ended up with Mako on guitar and Shi-shi came (he's the other guitarist for the other band they are in. He's new and has recently been coming to Jam with them on Sundays if he can. It's rather fun to watch) so there were two guitars. Sing just sang, and occasionally hit the drum. I felt really sorry for Sing. He looked pretty bad. I hope he gets better soon.

Monday I met some girls for lunch. One was Japanese, the other was Chinese. We went to this really nice restaurant. I really liked the food there. And it was pretty reasonably priced too. It was a nice afternoon. Then I just kinda bummed around. I should have been doing things, but I didn't. I'm often that way. But there was a spectacular thunderstorm last night too. Very loud. If I had been in Texas, it would have been tornado weather. But they don't have tornadoes here.

But Thunder storms are different in Japan. They only last like 30 mins. Its so strange. Not that I'm complaining. Just different from the thunder storms I'm used to. Also, they aren't so beautiful here. The main reason being you can't really see the sky. In West Texas, I can see for miles and miles and so I can watch the lightening strike the ground and light up the sky and it's very beautiful. Here, you just see cloudy sky, and a flash and then hear the really loud thunder. Not as dramatic or romantic. Oh well, guess you can't have everything.

Well, today begins another work week. Horray horray. Mika will be back this week and the next because Tami's getting married and can't work right now. I'm looking forward to that. I miss Mika.

I'm pretty sure summer's officially here now. I'm pretty much always sticky and icky when I don't have good AC in a room. (like when I'm in my house...) Fun stuff, humidity.

All right, that's about all for now. I really don't have anything too interesting to say at the moment. I should get ready for work now. Possibly eat before work. That's probably a good idea.


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