Thursday, February 07, 2008

Adventures in... You name it!

Wow. It's been a bit busy lately. Snow, hair color, birthdays (not mine), deadlines and more.

Anyway. So lately I've been doing a lot of thinking, praying and internal processing. I've come to some good conclusions about the reasons for a lot of my behavior and choices. A whole lot of it boils down to pride. I have a whole lot of it. I never realized how much pride I had before, because it's not the real obvious kind (well, at least to me...) But it's there and it has been guiding many aspects of my life for a long time.

Well, I've decided that I don't want to stay a prideful person. I want to start changing myself, or rather, opening myself up to be changed by God. So, little by little, God is making some changes in my heart. It's becoming a little softer and a little more open. The funny thing is, inner and outer are very connected. So when I start making changes on the inside, it often shows up on the outside too. But in my case, it has shown up in strange ways. Haha.

So, this year, I have once again started using Make-up. My students (and virtually any Japanese person I know) think this is a wonderful idea. I have been highly encouraged to keep up with this. I've managed to wear make-up for 3 weeks now. We'll see how long I can keep it up.

Also, I ended up (in a rather round about way) getting my hair dyed for the first time ever. Now I'm a lazy person, and I tend to be cheap, two very good reasons for me to not dye my hair. But I was bullied (eh, I mean, convinced!, really, no bullying involved!!!) by some American co-missionaries to dye my hair two weeks ago after prayer. It was a rather amusing experience. I had mentioned that in Japan my hair had gotten very dark and rather dull (but curly, and I like curly!!) so if there would ever be a time when I would seriously consider hair dye, it might be in Japan. They thought this was a great idea, and despite all my protests, they pooled some money, dragged me to the store, bought the dye, and we dyed my hair that very afternoon. I was a bit shocked, but it was fun. So now I have a bit lighter hair color now. I'll have to look to see if I can find some before pictures, but they might be hard to find.

Here are some pictures of the process. (I wanted to put them last, but I can't seem to navigate right now in this version of blogger. The page is also all in Japanese, so sorry, I was going to make it more interesting with comments and such, but oh well. You will notice that there is one shot where I look amazingly like a sumo wrestler crocheting! Haha. Also, my mother would be happy to know that the girls took to calling my braid a "rat's tail" in the process. Since that is what my mom calls it, I'm sure she will be happy. But no, I'm not going to cut it.)

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