Tuesday, June 03, 2008


You know, I like presents! Today I ended up with a lot of presents! And it's not even my birthday! It's great! Here are some pictures.

They were all given to me by students. One student went to a famous place in Tokyo and bought some presents for the whole class. the long piece of fabric is from that. It's a beatiful cotton "hand towel" but this is more like art actually. I'll probably hang it up in my house somewhere. She also gave me a small paper umbrella. I think this is supposed to be displayed on a wall. The flowers on both are cherry blossoms. They are beautiful.
Then in my night class one student gave me the Hello Kitty dolls. Actually his co-worker gave them to him and he didn't really want them, so he gave them to me. I was happy to take them off his hands! They are really cute! I really love the wide variety of art and stuff that can be found in Japan. Most are perfect for my tastes!
I was also "given" a nice homemade meal tonight. It was really good! Sorry, didn't take a picture.

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