Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Random Funny story.

So recently I eat dinner every Tuesday night with the Deaconess of our church and her son. It's nice to have someone else to eat with, and I get some home cooked food. It's also a good chance to use more Japanese. So today reminded me of a dinner we had a couple of months back.

The little boy mentioned something a while back. While we were preparing dinner, he looked at his mom and said "That Fanta on Sunday was really good!" I was a bit confused, so his mom had to explain.

So our church has communion every week. For people who don't want to drink wine, you can go first and drink grape juice. Well I guess one Sunday, there was none of the regular people who prepared for Sunday service. So service started, and someone noticed that communion had not been prepared. So during the service they were rushing around to get things ready. Well, turns out they couldn't find the grape juice usually used for communion. In a panic, it was replaced by some grape Fanta in the fridge. So when the boy went to take communion, he was a bit shocked to find Fanta instead of grape juice. But he thought it was a great idea and thought they should do it every week! Haha.

I just remembered it, and wanted to put it up here. Hope you can get a laugh from it.

(We have since found the grape juice and haven't had the same problem again. I think the Fanta has also been taken out of the fridge!)

Anyway, here's another picture from my cell phone. Can you guess what this is? If you think it's a really big church... you are wrong! This is actually quite common in Japan. It's a wedding chapel. They built this recently. At first I was excited because I thought they were building a really cool church. But turns out it's just for a "church feel" for weddings. Weddings are a huge deal here, and they have tons of specialty places to get married. Just in my area there's an English Garden, the big Church, and another place that looks like you can choose from several themes. It's crazy. It's easier to find a wedding chapel in Japan than an actual church. I actually see very few church buildings that look like "traditional" churches in America. Several look like overgrown houses actually, or are downtown and hard to spot among all the other buildings. Anyway, two random revelations.

In other news, it's getting close to summer here. Actually, in Texas, I'm sure it's been summer for several long months now. I forget sometimes. It's still rainy season here. But rainy season is almost over. It's been getting that nasty hot-humid feel lately. It's horrible. Not nearly at hot as West Texas, but way more miserable. But fortunately we've had some rain the last few days that have made it comfortably cool again. But it just reminds me that I'm about to become perpetually hot and sweaty again for a while. Yuck. So not looking forward to Summer. I have three more weeks of teaching to go, then about a week of events before I actually get to "vacation" time. But it will be good. I hope I can go to see fireworks this year.

Ok, that's the rambling for now. It's a bit of a lighter post from what I've been writing lately. I hope you enjoyed it.

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