Friday, September 12, 2008


So Japan has a tradition of buying gifts for people you know whenever you go on a trip. These gifts are usually food, and are called "omiyagi." Almost all train stations, air ports, and convenience stores, as well as specialty shops in major places were people travel, carry omiyagi. It is a huge business. It's always best to find omiyagi of a local product, or something that area is famous for.

Students often bring omiyagi to class to share. Today a student brought some omiyagi from near her home town. What was funny was the kind of omiyagi. If you look at the box (it might be hard to read...) it says "Francis Xavier" Then it reads (in English):

Francis Xavier gave happiness to many people and taught our country the light of civilization and God's teachings. In commemoration of him, (I can't read this word and I forgot it but it probably means eat or enjoy or something...) a confectionery, please from sweet shop.

Francis Xavier was the first missionary that came to Japan. It's rather strange to see omiyagi made in commemoration of him. The box was really nice too. It was covered in nice fake velvet. And everyone remarked that the box reminded them of the Bible. Haha. But it seems strange to me, for people who probably don't know who Francis Xavier is, to be buying omiyagi in his name. I wonder what he would think....

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astera said...

That's really random... *laughing* it a bad sign if something like that is only amusing and not surprising anymore?