Thursday, December 18, 2008

Just one of many things I want to say.

Wow, recently, so many great things have been happening. I have so many great stories and things I want to share. Unfortunately I have almost no time to write them down. (or it's so cold I'm afraid my fingers will fall off if I type! Ok, it's not that cold, but it feels like it sometimes.)

Anyway. It's the holiday season. That translates to, Insanely busy. But this year has been better than others. I'm learning how to appreciate the holidays a bit more. I am by no means a holiday person, but I don't hate them either.

But this is also closer and closer to the time of year when my future is going to radically change. I've been watching fellow friends, in the similar situation and their reactions. It's interesting to say the least. Japan has captured quite a few hearts it seems.

I was talking with some of my students about my future this week. They are a great class and I really love them. I was talking about how I often have to wait til the last minute to find out what God has planned for me, so I'm not so stressed out yet. I know God will provide for me, because He always has.
It was fun because I was pointing out all the blessings that God has given me lately, and how He just provides all the things I need, and sometimes don't need. And then one of my students really encouraged me by pointing out that all the things He has been giving me are all things that I need in JAPAN, and not Texas. I got a new bicycle, which would be a bit silly to ship back to Texas, and I don't really need. I would need a car to get anything done. And I was just given the most perfect coat ever. (my parents gave me money to buy clothes, and I ended up getting a much needed new coat from Land's End. It's wonderful, and even shipped internationally in less than a week! VERY flattering and just all around perfect. I'll post a picture as soon as I get one.) She also pointed out that I certainly don't need that down coat in Texas. I laughed and agreed with her. It's very comforting thought. Even though I don't always recognize it, God is always preparing for me and taking care of me. I am still no closer to knowing what I will be doing in the future, but somehow I feel much more secure than before. God is good. (of course, there is always the possibility He will send me somewhere other than Texas. I might need that coat in say... Alaska. hahaha Still leaves the issue of the bike though....)

Anyway, here are some recent pictures. We made a Christmas tree in one of my classes, it's really cute. And a couple of weeks ago, we went to a Messiah concert. A couple of us girls dressed up (Japanese people don't really dress up so much for concerts, but we still want any excuse to dress up.) My dress is the bridesmaid dress I wore like 7 years for my friends wedding. It's seriously too big. I had to pin it in the back, and then cover it up with a Japanese style coat (called haori). The funny thing was my friend wore the same kind of coat over her dress too! Anyway, it was a really nice evening of beautiful music, laughter, good food... It was one of those few (Cinderella/princess) experiences. Very nice. But like all good things, the night ended, and we went back to work.

I still have lots of things I want to post here, but they will have to wait for another time. Maybe I will find time to catch up soon (as long as I remember all the cool things I wanted to say...)
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