Monday, December 08, 2008

Random musings (notice: not really interesting at all...)

So yesterday all the missionaries in our area (it's called Kanto if you really want to know.) met for our monthly English Bible Study/devotion/worship thing (and a couple of guys who just came in from Taiwan were there too.) In the Fall our group gets pretty big because we have the working missionaries and the orientation missionaries as well. This year the group has come together pretty quickly to a big friendly family like atmosphere. (which translates to nothing EVER starting on time. Good thing many of our time conscious co-workers have finished their terms of services.)

Well, there is a point to the rambling. Well, ok, not really. Just a stupid story. So I have this thing. It's hard to explain. It's kinda like a scarf. It's all made of fur (it was a present from one of my students). So this guy picks it up and looks at it and says "what IS this?" And then he smells it. Then he announces "This smells weird. What is it?" This then prompts the scarf to be passed around the whole room so everyone can smell the "weird smell." (No one else thought it was weird, or at least no one else SAID it.) But it was commented a couple of times that it just smelled like me.

This has got me thinking. I've seen friends with boyfriends, and watched how they like to smell their boyfriends clothes, because they smell like a boyfriend. I guess smell is really powerful. But it's baffling to me, because I don't smell people. I mean I smell things all the time. But I can't distinguish people's individual smells.

So the whole thing is rather strange for me. So I was just kinda wondering how many people "smell" other people. Is this normal and I'm just the weird one?

Ok, like I said, this was just a stupid processing post. Not so interesting.

In other news, here are some random pictures. I like the one from some thread I bought. The "almighty spun thread."

There are also pictures of someone randomly drying their laundry at the train station. (I was actually testing out to see if I could get more than 4 pictures up with the new update to Picasa, but it looks like it's still only 4....)

Ok, time to go get ready to go to the Messiah concert!
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jsincj said...

You deffinately did not smell bad... and yes I associate people with smells. I also associate places with specific smells. What sense do you associate most with?

astera said...

I have very little sense of smell at all...unless I am fasting. Then food all of a sudden smells amazing. ;) But definitely not people. Occasionally places.

astera said...

p.s. Haha...I knew I was really going to like the entry from the moment you gave notice about it not being interesting at all. I thought it was really interesting! :)