Wednesday, October 08, 2008

posting spree!

Guess I'm just in a blogging mood today!

There have been a lot of butterflies in my garden lately. I really like butterflies. Here's one who's been hanging around lately.

In other news... It's around that time of the year when I'm trying to transition my students to the idea of getting a new teacher. A lot of the students are aware of the way the program works, but some of my new students, and younger ones don't know that the teacher is supposed to change every two years. Of course it doesn't help that I've been here 4, so there are many students who don't remember a previous teacher, or who have never had a different teacher. At first I was a little surprised to figure out that not everyone knew I wasn't going to continue teaching, but I guess if I don't tell them, they won't know. haha. So I've been telling moms and some of the kids too.

Well, one of my kids overheard it today as we were talking about getting a new teacher. The moms were asking when we would know who the new teacher would be. I told them it probably wouldn't be decided until January or Feb. Then my student pipes up and says (in Japanese) "It's better if they just don't decide." I laughed and told him that they needed to decide or he wouldn't have a teacher. And he said "Amber's fine." haha. I like kids. I didn't even know this kid liked me or not. It's a nice affirmation. But I also know, it's good for them to get new teachers too. It's a bitter sweet time...

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