Friday, October 10, 2008

Stories from class.

Today in my adult class, we had some interesting stories. The first picture is about a cat who is a station master at a rural small train station. This cat's name is Tama. Here is a picture of her at her job. She even wears a hat! Apparently this is a small local line. Sometimes these stations will have no attendants during the day. This cat seemed to want the job, and became a local celebrity. Soon news was all over Japan, and this cat has become a popular sight seeing attraction. I was told today that the cat has caused about 39 million dollars to pour into the local economy there. Talk about good for business.

Under the cat is a sign telling her working hours. During the summer she works 9-5. Winter is 10-4:30 and Sunday's are her day off. This picture was given to me by one of my students who loves cats.
Next is a picture of one of my more talented students. This student has been taking art classes, and he is quite good. When I showed pictures from Texas, he copied two pictures and combined them to make his own picture of the Texas sunset. Quite amazing. And I must say, I'm VERY jealous of his ability. haha (below are the two pictures he used as inspiration... He ended up not using the pump jack because it was a bit difficult to draw...)
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Bill P said...


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