Saturday, December 04, 2004

of recurring "Chance" encounters.

Ok, so in the last post I wrote about the young woman with the dog (a long haired dachsun named Chichi btw). Well tonight, the three of us (we are referred to as the O'vers or Orientation Volunteers) were coming home from our director's house (where we were graciously served dinner and conversation). Well, amazingly enough, we met the same young woman (in almost the same spot as before) walking the same dog. I almost didn't recognize her, but the dog apparently remembers me and enjoys running to meet me (well, ok, he doesn't remember me and he runs to meet everyone). This is the second encounter and I was able to introduce her to the other two missionaries. One girl has studded Japanese for about 7 years and was able to speak to her in Japanese (but the woman understood English very well so it wasn't necessary). She was able to explain to us these funny little signs with lanterns that are hanging from so many shops (end of the year sales signs, good to know!). It was fun. And then when we parted ways from the other two (they live quite a bit farther from the station than I do) I told them I would see them on Sunday. The girl remembered that I would be seeing them at church. This is a wonderful thing to me. Now I know enough to not really get my hopes up that this young lady will immediately start attending church and become baptized just because she met me on the street. But I can rejoice because I know a seed has been planted. I may never see any results, but it is there now. I know this is probably because I am really new to the whole missionary thing (Japan being my first ever "missionary trip"), but I am excited because God can use me here. It it not even anything I have done. I have merely allowed myself to be where God wanted me when He wanted me. It is humbling to know that I am allowed to be one of His tools. Well, anyway, if you are so inclined, please feel free to rejoice with me for the seemingly "random" encounters that seem to continue to come my way.

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