Sunday, December 12, 2004

of reflections

So I was standing on the train as I am prone to do when there are no seats available. I often stand by the doors so when we exit the subway I can see the scenery as we pass (if by scenery you mean lots of buildings). Well, when you are in the subway, and when it is dark outside, you can see reflections in the window. I find this is a good way to observe the people in the train without staring at them.

Well, all this got me to thinking about the nature of reflections. Reflections are handy things. You can see things you wouldn't normally be able to see (can you imagine living your whole life never seeing your own face?). But the problem with reflections is that they pale beside the original. Reflections can't catch all the details. If you only watched the reflections, you might think it was enough. But then you see the real thing and wonder why you thought the reflections were good enough.

Ok, so yes, all this rambling does have a point. All of this made me think of how reflections work in our lives, esp mine. Ok, so maybe it means more to me since I have this whole reflection theme going on. But for instance, lets use my theme as an example. When you read my posts, these are reflections of me. Of my thoughts, my experiences, etc. But it is not the same thing as knowing me in person, or experiencing these things with me.

Well, this makes me think about my relationship with Christ. I believe that Christians are reflections of Christ. But like all reflections, we are a poor substitute for the real thing. Each Christian is a different kind of reflection as well. Maybe some of us shine like mirrors. But maybe some of us are like muddy water. I think most of us are somewhere in the middle (maybe like the windows in the trains). But it's true that no matter what we do, we reflect Christ, if we want to or not. So my thought is: What are we reflecting in our lives? Are we showing Christ through muddy water, or are we mirrors reflecting His perfect light? I think in the end, Stacie Orrico says it best in her song "Don't look at me."

Don't look at me, if you're looking for salvation
Don't look at me, I will only let you down.
I'll do my best to lead you in the right direction
But don't look at me, look at Him.

He's the One that lived the Perfect Life
He's the One that always gets it right
He's the One and Only Guiding Light
He is everything that you'll ever need.

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