Wednesday, December 01, 2004

of chance encounters

Today, or rather yesterday, or is it today where my family is? Yes, so time is a bit confusing so, let's just pretend it's still today. Yes, so now back to what I was writing. Today I met with my Language Partner once again. And yet again, we talked until after midnight (hence my time problem). Well, this in and of itself is nothing to write home about (or my blog I suppose), but several interesting things happened on my way home from our meeting. It can't be more than a 7 minute walk from where we were, but it was certainly interesting. First of all, we were approached by a rather disreputable looking young man who had something to do with some sort of Host service. We ignored him and kept going. Then a man on a bike kept watching our conversation (we were still speaking in English and he was Japanese) and when we laughed, he started laughing! It was very odd. He said something to her, and she ignored him. These things make her uncomfortable, but they don't really bother me so much. So that was odd. But then, after she went her way, I was walking alone to my apartment, and this young woman was walking her dog. The dog decided to be friendly with me, and since I love dogs, I said he was cute, in Japanese. She was nice enough to start talking to me. She spoke English quite well, and we started talking since we were walking in the same direction (which was nice since there was a rather large group of disreputable looking men we had to pass, and I am rather glad I didn't do it alone.) So it turns out she would like to take English classes, and I was able to refer her to the church here and I invited her to the Christmas Party. She actually lives a stone's throw from my apartment and works at a place I walk by everyday. So, that is my story of chance encounters. She will hopefully call the church for more info on English classes. All of this is because I enjoy talking. Yes, God works in mysterious ways.

So, that was today. I haven't written in a while, so I guess I can give a brief report. I was sick for a while, missed a couple of classes, played catch up, we went on a field trip to the National History Museum (it was fun, I spent money there) and I wrote a speech for our Speech Day (in Japanese). I met with my sensei today to go over the first draft. There were surprisingly little grammatical errors, and she gave me some wonderful suggestions for making it better. Now, just so you aren't confused, my speech isn't so much of a speech as it is a simple story. I have to be different you know. So I will get to make props and have a good time performing my "speech" This will greatly aid in my memorization of the speech. I am excited about this. Oh yeah, I also went to a cultural performance. It was great. I saw some traditional Japanese dance and music. I really liked it. We also visited another church and decorated someone's house. It was interesting. So yeah, that's the brief version. Anime is on now, so I will try to figure out what is happening. Thank you for your time.

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