Wednesday, June 21, 2006

of small accomplishments...

Well, anyone who knows me, must know my loathing for all things homework. busy work, paper work etc. Well, the good news for this week is that I actually managed to finish all my Japanese homework. And I have quite a bit of homework. Class is today (I have it twice a month, because I can't really afford more than that...). I've decided to study for this Japanese Language proficiency test. I want to communicate more, so I needed my classes to get more serious. But it's a pain learning all this new vocabulary and grammar. Hopefully some of it will sink in. But Japanese is a crazy language. There are so many different ways to communicate. There's the really casual way, which pretty much everyone speaks to me in, then there's the polite form, which is what I learned first, so I revert back to that a lot, then there's a super polite form, that they sometimes use in stores. Let me tell you, it's confusing!

Anyway, my second accomplishment was waking up before 10 mins before class. I actually have enough time to shower before class. Well, if I stop writing in the stupid blog I do.

Blah, I don't like mornings! Oh well, another day.

Today is a bit crazy. I have 5 classes, but there are all these little breaks between them. Not really long enough to do anything with, just long enough to be annoying. Oh well, such is my life. I should at least get done a bit early tonight because I only have one student in my last class. Getting done early is always a good thing.

Ok, time to get the day started!


Anonymous said...

Are you ok dear? I hope so. I worry sometimes that you don't have enough time to yourself. I hope all gets better for you. Hehe,you must know that I am a loyal reader huh? I loves reading what you have to say. Just know that I loves you,whether you blog or whether you don't. To blog or not to blog. hehe jk hope you are doing well today or tomorrow or whatever it is for you. Please explain these versions of japanese to me sometime. I can see how in a culture such as theirs,that they would have set things which are acceptable and things that are not. YOu mentioned that loudness is considered rude. That's very interesting.

Oh,and as far as little ones on the way...I thinks I shall be the last one. lol I don't plan upon that for quite a long long time. Not too long,but not until I/we are actually ready for it. Given our current day we shall do that. I only want one and he pretty much just has one left. Okies. off I you!!!

Sara said...

Oh man, my japanese teacher is afraid to teach me "casual form". He's afraid I will forget polite form and start yakkin to somebody older than me disrespectfully. XD But as much as I try I can't let lose and talk casually, it's so sad.

Super polite form sounds scary!