Wednesday, June 28, 2006

of toilet paper holders, long days and humidity...

So I've decided if I ever move back to the States, I'll have to install Japanese toilet paper holders in my residence. Why? They are amazingly easy to use. I don't know why America doesn't have more of these things! I mean, changing the toilet paper used to be such a pain. This is so easy. Yes, Japanese toilet paper roll holders are the best. Take my word for it.

Well, it's finally come, Japanese summer. The humidity is sinking in and making everything sticky and icky. The temperatures only getting into the low 80's, but still, it's icky. And it's still rainy season, although there's been sun the past few days. Well, the good news is, I survived the last summer. LOL

Yesterday was such a long day for me. I spent 6 hours with a group of my beginner students. It was rather tedious. Then I had to come back and teach the rest of the day. Long day. My students are all cute little grandmas in that class. They decided they wanted to take me to a Napoleon Exhibition. I don't know why. I mean, wasn't he a bad guy? I don't know. But what surprised me more is how many people were at this exhibition. I mean, Japanese people must love museums. It was so crazy. I was being jostled and it was hard to move and our group even got separated (there was only three old ladies!). It was worse than babysitting at an amusement park. And far less interesting. Then of course, I had to go to lunch with them, and then out for tea. And their English is not so good, so it was very draining for me.

I guess I'm just not a good socialite. I'm far too ADD to do things I don't like for very long. I'm amazed they didn't figure out I was bored out of my mind. And, it just goes to show how much of a baby I am. People do things they don't like everyday. And I whine and complain about it when I have to do it. Poor me. ;-)

Ok, time for my next day of classes. I just want to make it through the week. Saturday the band plays live. I have my ticket already. And it's close by so no trains or anything. AND they get to play for a whole hour, so I'm excited about this performance.

Monday I get to go out as well, so that's good too. I get to go to lunch with two girls and then go to dinner with a guy. Fun stuff. But it'll definitely hurt my pocket book. But it's pretty much the only way to spend time with people in Japan.

Ok, enough rambling. Time for work.

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Sara said...

What's the band's name? Can you take pictures? AHH! That sounds so fun!

But as for the Napoleon museum, that just boggles me. I was looking up Saitama (I was telling a friend about your blog and where you were) and randomly saw there's also a John Lennon museum there. Why? I mean we don't have anime museums in the US. Why is there a John Lennon and Napoleon museum halfway around the world from where they originally lived? AHHH!! So confused. :P *runs away*