Wednesday, January 24, 2007

the creativity bug...

So occasionally I get bit by the creativity bug. It usually comes at rather inconvenient times, but tonight was not so bad. Just kept me up a little later than I had planned.

Well, it looks like I am finally beginning to figure out Adobe Print Shop. I just have the basic program that came on my computer, but once you can work it, turns out it's a really neat program. Best photo editing program I've seen. Not like that's many, but still.

So the idea for this came from a picture I took at Kamakura. These birds were really cute. I liked the picture, but in the original, there was this person's legs in the background and it was starting to distract me. I really wanted to edit them out. But then I was thinking, I could just do a really cool editing and change the whole feel of the picture. The original idea was to put the ocean behind the birds, but then I opted for clouds instead.

I'm actually quite pleased with the final effect. This is the first time I've managed to finish something like this. I wrote the poem after looking at the picture long enough.

The thing I'm happiest about is that it's completely my creation. I took the picture, I edited the picture and I wrote the poem. I'm happy with this nights work. :-D

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