Friday, January 05, 2007

Just another day.

Well, it's back to working again now. Yesterday's classes went fine. Two students forgot to show up, but that's to be expected. Today I will be the only one working. The office is being changed. I will no longer have a full time office worker anymore. So that means there will be some changes happening. I hope it goes well.

Here are a few random pictures. I found them yesterday on a friend's website, so I downloaded them. The first is from this summer's Kanto Church Camp. We stayed in a very nice Japanese style "hotel". Everyone had these yukata, or cotton robes to wear to bed. This is a bunch of us girls after going to the public bath. I was just excited the yukata mostly fit on me.

Next picture is us in a train station as we are going to prayer retreat. Just thought maybe I should put up some pictures that included my face too. I don't often take pictures of myself so they are hard to get. ;-)

Anyway, it's time for me to be responsible and get some stuff done. It's really annoying to be responsible... LOL.

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