Saturday, January 13, 2007

Just another update.

So here are some pictures that are in one of my web albums. They are explained there, but I thought I would post some of my favorites here.

Anyway, this past week has been crazy. There was a funeral this week at church. Quite an interesting experience. And it ended up disrupting some of my classes. We had to move one of my classes to a different room. We also ended up cleaning up my classroom on my day off. Made the week a bit busy.

I also had three of the new girls observing my classes this week. It's training for them to see how other teachers teach. I hope they got something valuable out of the experience. But it was nice to see them. We had a good time. Two were the same girls from New Years. We seem to be becoming good friends. It's exciting. I'll meet them again today. They are going to listen to the band with me again tonight. Hehe, I think I've created some more groupies.

I also had a pleasant surprise this week. I got a job interview for Monday. It's a bit of a relief, because I was beginning to get a bit antsy. Usually I don't mind not knowing, but it feels like it's getting kinda close to when I need to be making concrete decisions. Prayers for my future would be greatly appreciated.

In other good news. I finished my newsletter today. Tomorrow's gonna be a busy day, and Monday I have the job interview and then another meeting right after. Tues is back to class. Fun stuff.

Thanks for all the comments Sara! I did get your e-mail, but it was sent to Yahoo, and I don't check that one as often. I'll try to reply soon!

Ok, I think that's all for today folks!

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