Friday, March 23, 2007


Well, I managed to arrive safely in Texas for the second time in two and a half years. Thanks to everyone who was worried. (Well, most of the worried people can't read this blog because of the English... LOL)

I arrived in Dallas and was welcomed by a very long immigrations line which had me considering my options if I missed my connecting flight. Just a note for the future... For peace of mind's sake, less than 2 hours of layover in Dallas is not enough time to ensure you will make it to your next flight... But the good news is... I've become a hard to stress traveler. I wasn't so much worried about missing my flight, instead just being mentally prepared if it did happen. I was more worried about loosing my bag in the process. But in the end, I managed to make it to my flight with 10 mins to spare, and myself and my bag arrived in Midland safely.

And for a note on travel hassles I could do without... Did you know, when you fly from an international starting point and then transfer flights in Dallas, you have to go through a security check point again. But I've learned the value of traveling light, so it was fairly painless.

I then arrived in Midland to not be met by my parents, who had suffered two blown tires on the way to get me (one on the real tire, then the donut blew as well...) We were rescued by a family friend, and then we proceeded to try to fix the tire. As we were driving into town the second time (to pick up the tire from Wal-Mart and then put it on the car, which was still on the highway) a nice big thunderstorm hits. Horray for thunderstorms you can see!!! This was a nice one with lots and lots of lightening strikes. It was beautiful. And short. It ended right before we went to put the tire on the car. So my dad didn't get too wet. And then I proceeded to drive home, (since there were two cars and my mom doesn't drive anymore, I had to drive one home). It was eventful.

Today I got to sleep in though. Maybe my first full nights sleep in quite a while. It was nice.

Now if only I could relax and stop thinking about work....

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Anonymous said...

We are so glad you are in the USA again, Amberlee. It makes us feel all sorts of warm and cozy inside even though we know we are at least 8 hours drive away. Have fun on your Spring Break!
P.S. You may be a nutbar, but you're MY nutbar. I love you chicagirl!