Monday, February 07, 2011

The God Who Hears

When those in ancient times encountered God, they gave Him a Title to define Who He was, or What He did. They were big into naming things. I remember the story of Hagar. When she encountered God in the desert, and He saw her, and rescued her and her son, she declared that He was "The God Who Sees me." That must be pretty significant for a slave.

So while I am not being saved from starvation in the desert with my discarded son, I too feel the urge to adorn my creator with a title. Not original by any means. But coming from a thankful heart, I don't think God gives originality points.

Today I was riding the morning train, thinking about time, or rather, the lack of it. I do that often lately. Last night as I was coming home past my bedtime I was pondering why it is so difficult for us humans to manage time. God created the world to give us the right amount of time. We have seasons, night and day, and they are all meant to bless us, not confine us. This must mean we end up confining ourselves.

Well, this is all random ponderings from someone who has a lot going on, and doesn't like working so much. Haha. I'm just lazy, and complain when I don't get to be lazy.

So this morning I wished for more time. I tweeted it to be exact. Not even a prayer really. Just an abstract wish for something I had resigned myself not to have.

But God is bigger than my expectations. And kinder than I deserve.

Today God heard me.

There was something going on at school (have no clue what) but we only had 4 periods today, and all the teachers were going to be doing something. So I got sent home after lunch.

Wow. How wonderful.

I was able to enjoy the sunshine as I walked leisurely to the bus. At the bus stop, I had some time before the next bus, and I was able to just sit, enjoying the clear air and sunshine on my face. I was able to do a little bit of shopping, then buy a tapioca drink (bubble tea) and a matcha taiyaki. Then a nice slow trip home, with nothing pressing to do. Hopes of maybe playing the guitar a bit tonight, or taking a shower. Maybe do the dishes. Maybe just listen to some music. I sang while my roommate wasn't home yet.

Such a peaceful, restful afternoon.

What an amazing present, from a God who is active and cares about even the small things in my life. A surprise gift, from a God who loves me, and just wanted to give me something I wanted.

Today is a blessed day.

My God hears me, even when I wasn't asking Him directly.

That's awesome.

Tomorrow I hope to humble myself so that I can hear my God in turn. I am praying and fasting for my up coming job at the new church. I often want to do things my way. I have my own judgments and opinions of things. I come in, and pass judgment. My own arrogance astounds me. (I could blame American culture for this, but that would just be passing the buck. I just happen to think I'm right all the time. It's amazing anyone puts up with me.) So instead of me trying to do things my way this time, I hope to know what it is that God wants done at this church in this time. God has called me to this place once again. Maybe He will be working in me. Maybe He will be working in the church. Quite possibly He'll be doing both. In any case, I would rather be lead by Him than just go charging in making a mess and breaking things as I go along.

But that's for tomorrow. Today, I'm enjoying my surprise from my God who hears me. One day I want to be a Child who hears God. That would really be awesome. :-D

A snapshot of the bus stop I enjoyed sunbathing at. :-D


Steve Finnell said...

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Melissa Munoz said...

Wow how great is our God that He chooses to hear us when we are not speaking to Him and chooses to see us even when we are hiding from Him. Thank you for writing this post, it really blessed me and made me determined to be a child who hears Him as my Father hears me.

Shihu said...

Thank you for your comment. I am always blessed to know that others find blessings in my words.