Thursday, September 01, 2011

Goodbye Summer... Hello... Typhoon???

Summer has drawn to a close.

It was a good summer.

I've stayed busy since returning from America. I went to the doctor, and he said I could use the boot we bought in America. I have to go back every 2-3 weeks to get X-rays, but other than that there isn't much in the way of treatment. Just lots and lots of waiting. He said if it doesn't heal at the end of 6 months, then we'll have to do surgery. I'm hoping for the non-surgery option.

Right after returning to Japan I went to visit some friends of mine in Fukushima. Yeah, the place with all the radiation. I have 4 friends who live in the area, so there was a gathering there this summer. It was a wonderful time of prayer, fellowship, the sharing of sufferings, learning how we have all changed and where we are now. It was a wonderful time with the exception of the fact that Fukushima is kinda countryside... And the thing that is easy to forget about the countryside until you get there is... there is a serious lack of western style toilets! Now normally I can just grin and bear it. But this time I have a broken foot. Let me tell you, broken feet and squatty potties don't mix well together. The church we were staying at of course also had no western toilet. Two days with no western toilet was... lets just say interesting. I'm thankful to have friends who aren't embarrassed to help me out trying to find a way to use a squatty potty with a broken foot. We did finally figure out a way that worked, involving a folding chair and interesting contortions. Going to the bathroom made me really tired...

Came back to my home on Saturday and then went to see the Band's Live. It was really good, and it was nice to see old faces.

I've been blessed to have so many different "homes."

Then it was a few days of rest at home before I made my first trek to work for a make-up class. The commute is much longer, but it's do-able. I might just be really tired for the next 5 months...

After that was Church Camp part 2- The Revenge. I broke my foot at the children's camp. The Adult camp was in the same place! So I got to go back for a second try. This time I managed to not break anything. Adult camp was nice with lots of music. I got to hang out with some guitar players, and that was fun. Maybe someday I can improve my guitar playing...

This past week was some resting, shopping for things like new futon and a new fan, some community time at our house, doing some fireworks in the park, and I even finally started cleaning at the disaster area that I call my room. (My door can shut now!)

And today is the first day back to work officially!

I'm hoping with having to walk to work everyday I'll be able to loose some of this weight I've packed on recently. If the temps stay low, then it might be possible. If only the humidity would go down!

But back to work is also the start of Typhoon season. It's been a rainy summer here, which does not go well with a walking boot made primarily of felt! I've had to make myself a rain cover for my boot (which already needs to be re-made...) and I can't use an umbrella, so all I have is a poncho to wear while I walk to work. Fortunately I didn't have to walk to work in the rain today, but a typhoon is coming, so I'll have to walk home in it and come to work tomorrow in it. This reminds me of the ever pressing need for good rain shoes that can be walked in...

But it's good to see September. I feel like I've been waiting in an extended Advent and it feels like September is the beginning of...... Not sure what, but something. So I'm eagerly awaiting the next phase of God's plan... Hoping there's more than typhoons waiting.


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