Monday, November 22, 2004

of a day like this.

Ok, random FYI: the title of each post is supposed to be a continuation of the title of the Blog, Reflections. They are designed to be read like so: Reflections of the trodden path, Reflections of me, Reflections of a day like this, etc. So now you know (and knowing is half the battle, GI JOE!!!)

Anywho. Today was not too terribly exciting. I woke up early and went to breakfast with a wife (as opposed to my previous outing with a husband). We had a wonderful talk and I made it to Japanese class for the first time after being sick. As my brain still feels like mush most of the time, I spent most of class in a light fog of confusion. It of course didn't help that I had missed the prior two lessons. I left the class not much more informed, but several days of homework heavier. Good news is tomorrow is a holiday, so no class. Bad news is, I will probably sleep half the day and then waste the other half, thereby getting no homework done. Well, hopefully I can get motivated to accomplish something.

Yes, my brain is mush and I am tired. There is nothing more I can reasonably accomplish here, so this will be one of my shorter posts to date. So have I spoken (er, typed) so shall it be done. The end.


Derek said...

Wow, you posted in the future! (its only 8 AM here)

Shihu said...

Horray! I have my first comment! Derek wins the prize. Thanks for reading Derek. I am glad you came and commented. Send Emmy my love. :-)