Saturday, November 20, 2004

of friendships with married men.

So today I found myself spending the afternoon with a married man. No, I don't date married men. Ever. But I seem to have accumulated quite a few friendships with married men. Actually, this was the first married man that I have met after his marriage. Most men I am friends with meet me as singles, and then proceed to marry other women. Now all of this is rather pointless information, but as this is a space for my reflective thoughts, I decided I should write them down. (well, type them down in any case) All of this rambling leads to the main idea of this paragraph: I have a lot of friendships with men. And all of them are married. So it occasionally strikes me as odd when I spend time with these friends one on one. Not terribly disturbing thoughts, just occasionally odd.

Now, on to other random thoughts.

The question came tonight as I walked home: Why is it rude to stare at blind people? It's not like they will know you are staring at them.

Also today I had the privledge of watching a CD get wrapped. Now normally I wouldn't consider this such a privledge, but this is Japan, and things are different here. So here the presentation of a gift is just as important, if not more, than the actual gift. So when I got the CD wrapped, I knew it would look nice. But as I watched the woman wrap, it was like a work of art. The only way I can describe it would be, origami Wrapping. Yes, it was that complicated looking. It was definitely the most unique way of wrapping a CD I have ever seen. I am very much impressed.

And just a side note, the CD in question is for my language partner (we meet once a week to speak to each other. She helps me speak in Japanese, and I help her with English. Yes, I need much more help than she does.) She has been taking English classes at a local church here, and has started going to Bible Study and church services. She is not quite a Christian, but she seems very interested. So, as we met, we were talking about music. It seems that Stacie Orrico is a popular singer here in Japan, but almost no one knows she is Christian. She had recently found this out and had been surprised. So, I decided to buy her a Stacie Orrico CD today. Not too terribly interesting, but if you are so inclined, please pray for her.

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