Sunday, March 20, 2005

of guessing games.

Anonymous Strikes Again! (Everyone run for your lives!) :-D

Ok, so here it is, the official "Guess Who Anonymous Is" post. I've already eliminated a few people from the list of canidates. I can speculate that you are not Dek, Mel or Patrick (well, Patrick's still Iffy, but he swears he is not you, so for now I'll take him at his word. I know you aren't Mel or Dek because you complained that I didn't call you and those would be the two I called.) So, here in begins the game of 20 Questions!

1. Are you male?

2. Have I ever met you in Real Life?

3. Do I know your name?

(questions 4-20 shall be asked after the first three have been answered...)

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