Wednesday, March 02, 2005

of persecuted Christians, Kimono's, and good food.

Wow. So today has been so LONG!!! Our Japanese class had a field trip today to visit a museum of persecuted Christians in Japan. So this caused us to be on a train at 8:30 this morning. I just got home right before 11:00 PM tonight. Craziness.

Anywho. It's been a really good day despite how long it was. So here comes the synopsis. Enjoy. :-D

So, we get to the place we were meeting (a good two hours after we get on the first train). We were a little late, but it turns out everyone was late (except for the person we were waiting for). Anyway, we meet this cute little old man who tells us all about this museum (and rants about how Japan is declining and young people need to learn history. He also mentioned that he enjoys the cold weather and often doesn't wear much clothing {like underwear} Yeah, that was the strange part of the conversation...). I could tell you all the info I learned, but that would take forever. Lets just say, for a time in Japan, it was illegal to be Christian (as I understand it, I think this was mainly a reaction against the west by the Shoganate of the time, and since Christianity was from the West, it was not to be tolerated.) So we saw how people hid their relics (most were Catholic so relics and icons were important to them) and became "Underground Christians." It was interesting. We saw crosses in Buddhist altars and hidden in other things. I liked the guards for the katana that Christian Samurai made (I have been inspired to write a historical novel about a Christian Samurai now... First I have to get around to doing research...) Like I said, it was interesting.

Then we went to lunch. I think this town doesn't get many large groups of foreigners (there were 9 of us) because we got a lot of looks and the little old man was taking pictures of us every 5 mins! That's ok, I haven't been here long enough to mind these things yet. But lunch was wonderful. I had the best Tempura Soba of my life. Yummy! Then we got to see the sea (it was one girl's first time, unfortunately, it was a bit nippy so it wasn't all that exciting to go to the beach in winter.) Then we went to a temple and saw some blossoming plum trees. We also saw a cemetery. Buddhist cemeteries always make me sad, because I am confronted with the evidence of all those people who died lost, without Christ.

Well, anyway, after that, we passed this cute little shop on the way to the station. I found some geita (wooden sandals) for really cheap, and wanted to buy them. I ended up buying a whole kimono set too. It all only cost me around $50.00 (this is an estimate because of course I paid in yen.) This is a super deal folks. Of course, I can't fit into the kimono, but that's ok. Maybe I can loose 100 lbs or so and fit in it some day. (yeah, not kidding about the 100 lbs. I really do need to loose that much.) The good news is that the geita fit. Not that this is all that helpfull. I mean how can walking on blocks of wood be comfortable? But it is good to know even if I can't buy Japanese clothes, I can buy shoes. The other good news is that the kimono is not too short on me. So, I just need to try to get it to fit around me and I'll be set. :-)

Well, anyway, after that we made it to the train. I got to spend time talking with B-can (I feel like we haven't really seen each other in weeks! I've been teaching, then she got sick.) and her visiting professor and Travis. It was good times. I amused them to no end with my "creative solutions" to problems I created myself (and my purple fake hair) and B-can told all her funny stories of all the things that have happened to her since she has been here. (they are way more interesting than my stories. Maybe I should start writing them down here too.) It was fun. Then I went to meet my language partner at 5. We had a good time. He remembered that I like okonomiaki (yeah, don't ask, it's really difficult to explain, but believe me it's wonderful!) and researched online for a place to take me to. Man did he ever find a good place! They even had English menus! I have had some of the best food today! We also had good conversations (for once I didn't leave feeling like I put my foot in my mouth a million times.) It was awesome.

Course now I need to watch my money for a while. (Yesterday I went on a bit of a shopping spree as well. But I really am happy with the results) Well, as we all know by now, I can go on and on about these things, but it is late, and once again I have to get up tomorrow early (so far that's been just about every day this week I've had to do something extra), but it's all good. Still, I am exhausted, and sleep is calling my name. I will answer it's call now.

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