Saturday, August 19, 2006

Finally home.

So yesterday was Bethany's birthday, so we had a party for her. Bethany and I went to a type of "Japanese spa" (um yeah, don't ask if you really don't want to know.) Then we had some pizza and watched a movie. It was nice. But we and another girl stayed up all night, and by all night I mean until like 9 in the morning, talking. We took a short 4 hour "nap" and then went out to try to get forms to register for the Japanese Language Proficency test. Fun stuff. They were out, so I didn't get one. Then we talked more.

I got home right at 7:00, but then I only had 10 mins before I was to meet a student for dinner. I had a nice dinner of eel with my student, her neice (who apparently really likes me) and a former student who has been training with the Japan Self Defense Force. He wants to be an accountant, but he still has to do all the basic training stuff. He's really not happy about the hand grendade training. LOL.

Anyway, made for a really long two days. It's nice to be back home. I'm definately about to crash.

Anyway, these are two random pictures from my collection. The first one is a young bird taken around springtime. The second is a nice Japanese looking bell. There is really no point to either picture, but I just want to put pictures in my blog now. Ok, time to sleep.
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