Tuesday, August 01, 2006

of surprises...

God is pretty cool. So in a series of random circumstances (usually involving me procrastinating) I got a nice surprise today. I decided I should probably eat something other than dry cereal today, so I finally got dressed and went out to dinner. (cheap sushi, gotta love it) But before I did that, I decided I really needed a nap. So it was almost 8 when I left my house. Well, I ate slowly at the sushi place and they messed up my orders a couple of times and was really slow with my ice cream. (green tea ice cream, love it) Well, this all turns out to be a really good thing.

So the funny thing about living in a place like Japan, is you often run into people you know while you are out and about on your own business. It's a very small town/community feel. And of course I stick out more than most people too.

So anyway, last week, I decided I was going to try to fix one of my cheap fans (the cool folding kind that are really pretty) that was falling apart on me. Well, glue didn't work. But I had been fixing it in front of some of my students and their parents. There was a whole conversation about my fans in the process. Well, one of my students, Jun, studies kendo (think swords only bamboo sticks instead). Today he was competing in Tokyo. Well, apparently, while they were there, they saw a fan for the building they were in (a pretty famous building). Jun's dad remembered my fan problem (I don't think he knows that I have like 5 fans, but that's ok) and they bought me a souvenir fan! How sweet is that! I'm sure it was expensive too. (my fans all cost like a dollar). Anyway, they thought they wouldn't be able to give it to me until September when school starts again. But while I was walking home from dinner, they were driving home from Tokyo and they saw me walking! So they stopped the car, and ran to catch up with me. I'm sure it must have been something for the other pedestrians to see. I was wearing my headphones so I couldn't hear them so well, but they were shouting "Amber Sensei, Amber Sensei" to get my attention. (actually, it was his mom doing the shouting). So cute! So was that perfect timing or what? I got a really nice new fan from my student for the summer. I'm going to use it so much!

And today must be Jun day (in August no less {Jun-June}). I got an e-mail on my cell phone today from my friend Jun (Jun's a popular name). He got a new cell phone and was giving me the information. Funny stuff.

Anywho, that's my day. I talked to Marlo a lot. I washed my towels. I napped. I ate. I got a present. I came home. Ahhh, the joys of being on vacation. Fortunately, tomorrow and Thursday I actually have things to do. Come to think of it, Friday too. Then of course is the weekend with all the joys that brings. And I have plans for Monday as well. Horray! I really hate being at home bored all the time.

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