Wednesday, August 16, 2006

My new hat!!!

So today on my way home from a meeting, I randomly decided to go shopping. :-)

I went looking for a new purse, since my old one recently broke on me. (I seem to wear out my poor purses rather quickly) I found one. But in the process, I also found me a new hat!!!

Actually, I made the hat. I found the basic baby blue cap at the hundred yen shop (think dollar store). One buck. Add in cute blue flower hair clip, one buck. I've been seeing all these really cute girly caps lately, with chains and lace and stuff, so when I saw the hat, I figured I could make one for way cheaper than they sell in the stores.

Next stop, the 300 yen shop (three dollar store). There I found two cute necklaces. (total, 6 bucks).

Then, at home, I proceeded to dismantle the necklaces and use them to decorate my new hat. This is the results. It's actually cuter than the pictures show. So now I have a cute new hat. Total cost, some where around 8 bucks. If I tried to buy something similar, it'd be between 20 and 30 bucks. Hehehe... I win! :-D I really enjoy creative spurts! Guess what I'm wearing tomorrow! Hehehehehehehe.
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