Monday, August 14, 2006

of waiting for guests...

So it's almost time for my party to start. But no one is here yet. So I decided to write here again. I forgot to mention this morning that I was given Sing's set list from the show. I know you can't read it. But this is what it looks like. I even got everyone to sign it. :-) I'm happy!!!
So this is what my house looks like right now. Still a bit messy, but cleaner than normal. I ran out of batteries, but I might try to get more and then take some pictures of the party. :-D

And Finally, the last picture is Harumi. She worked really hard today. She prepared all the vegetables for me and everything. She was a lot of help. It was fun to work together.

But we went to bed so late, she's really tired. Posted by Picasa

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