Monday, August 14, 2006

of Annie Live...

Tonight was my fourth time to go to Annie Live. It was lots and lots of fun. Here is a picture of me with two of the girls. Notice how curly my hair is!!!! Cool! :-) My tie was a big hit too.

Here are some pictures from the live. This is Sing playing the guitar. It was a really good show.

This is the lead singer, Miho, and Shi-shi in the background. He is a really good guitar player. He plays really cool pickings and stuff. I forget the real terms. And of course Mako is in the background on the drums. You can't see Sing because he's not in the picture.

This is Haruna. She had all the band members sign her arm. It's really cool! :-D

I had a really good time tonight. Tomorrow, er, today... is my home party. Tonight Harumi is spending the night and she will help me get ready for the party. (She is reading this as I type it too!!!) We mostly speak Japanese, so it is good practice for me. But apparently she can read some English too! Maybe we should just write to each other!

Well, it's really late now. So, I should go now. But I've decided my blog looks much better when I use pictures, so I will try to use them more often from now on. :-) Posted by Picasa

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