Monday, January 09, 2006

of Coming of Age Day...

Well, today is coming of Age day in Japan. This means anyone who turns 20 this year, becomes an adult today. They dress up, the girls in beautiful kimono, and traditionally go to a local shrine for a blessing. So today is a national holiday. Actually, I think this is a great idea. I wish America had something like this to celebrate becoming an adult. (other than getting hammered on your 21st birthday). Anyway, I should get to see some girls in nice kimono today and that's always exciting. The other great news is because it's a holiday, the band is playing today too! Horray. It's nice because I arrived just as they left yesterday.

Yesterday after church I went to visit Bethany. We were pretty close in Orientation because we saw each other all the time and we could talk and stuff together, but since we have started working, we don't get to see each other so often. So yesterday was a nice day to just talk and catch up on each other's lives. So much had happened, so it was nice to get caught up again. So after that, I came back here, and of course it was after like 10:00, so because of the cold, the band went home early again. But what was cool was that 6 people decided to go out since there was still time before last trains, and they invited me. That might be the first time I was invited without Sing being there. I mean, I went Karaoke with two people, but I started that. So that was fun. I was surprised because turns out all the people there spoke at least a little English, so between my Japanese and their English, conversation went pretty smoothly. I learned some new words, and dazzled them all with my knowledge of anime. Turns out the girls knew some of the same anime as me, so that was cool. I think I was also asked out on a date, but it's really hard to tell sometimes. If the guy is there today, I'll have to let him know I can't date non-Christians. I think it's a bad idea for me to date in a group like that anyway. I don't want to jeopardize any friendships I've made by dating. Besides, intercultural dating is a bad idea when I don't even know how to date in my own culture. LOL. But I'll leave the issue up to God. He knows these things better than me.

Today is also my last day of vacation. I go back to work tomorrow. Sad. I like work, but it's always hard going back after a long vacation. Well, anyway, today I need to run to Tokyo and buy some books for Sunday Night Cell that we are going to start using this year. So that means I need to shower and leave soon. I think I've bummed around enough today.

And soon, I'll probably be broke. Holidays take a lot of money, and I think I've gone out a few too many times. Good thing I have oatmeal and maltomeal, otherwise I might not eat for a week. Oh well, I'm sure things will work out fine. Besides, I know it's the choices I make with money that puts me in these situations. Maybe some day I'll learn. LOL. Until then, I'll deal with it.

Ok, I think that's about everything for now. I'm off to begin my day!

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