Monday, January 16, 2006

of my not-day off...

*sigh* Today is my day off, yet I'm up earlier than normal. I've fallen into bad habits again since school started and I'm finding myself staying up later at night. Maybe because I have to fit in all my procrastination etc into a shorter time now. Oh well. Today I have to go to Japanese class. I'm not prepared and I'm tired. But I guess that's my only complaint. I'm just grumpy in the mornings.

But yesterday was cool. Got a new Bible Study student, I hope. And cell went well. Got to spend some time with Bethany afterwards, and then I made it just in time to say goodbye to the groupies. I saw them for like 3 minutes, but really, it made me happy enough to wait until next week. (Sat. I worked, plus it rained, so my only day to see them was Sunday). But the cool thing was I was able to ride the train home with Ai-chan (she is a high schooler) and I had a nice conversation with her all in Japanese. It was a very simple conversation, but we communicated and I'm really excited about that. Ai seems to like me and that's really cool. (I get hugs from her all the time)

Anyway, I need to go, get dressed and get on the train now. I'll probably be late. Oh well. I hate mornings.

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