Tuesday, January 31, 2006

of my weekend...

Well, this weekend was nice. Saturday was my first day off in a while, no events, no classes etc. It was really nice. I went to a prayer meeting in the morning and then after I was able to do some homework and stuff. And then I was able to spend the whole evening with the band. I had a good time.

Sunday was church and we had a long meeting, so my Bible Study was canceled. But the meeting seemed to go well. After that was Cell group, but everyone managed to go home at a decent time, so I was able to see the band for a little while Sunday night too. It was good. I am definitely inspired to improve my Japanese now. I want to be able to improve my communication with people who don't speak English.

But Monday was very exciting. I got e-mails all day on my cell phone, had Japanese class, and went to like 3 meetings. There are going to be some changes in the program, so it's an exciting time. It looks like I'll get to help form a Children's Ministry group and I'm excited about that. There is also other exciting news, but that'll have to wait for a while. In any case, it looks like I'll have even more to do next year. I guess this means I really need to grow up more. I need to manage my time better and do more with what I have been given. This is definitely a challenge for a lazy person like me. I'll have to rely on God to help me out a lot on this one.

All in all, I'm very pleased with the Blessings God has given me. I know I don't deserve any of them, but I'm happy that He is allowing me to become a more responsible servant. :-) God is Good, Life is Good. The End.

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