Saturday, January 07, 2006

of happy vacation...

Wow, this has been a really great vacation. I'm kinda sad to see it end, but I'm really excited about this new year. I don't know if I have ever felt this optimistic about a new year before. Normally I don't care so much. But it's super exciting when you are right in the middle of watching God work. It's such an awesome thing!

So the past few days have been good. Thursday I talked with me friend on the phone for 4 hours. She is not mad at me anymore, so that's a good thing. We cleared up a few things, so now we is both happy. Me loves her and always will, so don't you forget it silly head! ;-)

Also yesterday I was able to meet with my boss. I love my boss. She is such an awesome person. It was great because we were friends before she became my boss, so now I have a really good working relationship with her. So we met and had a nice long chat. The really awesome thing about my boss is that she always challenges me spiritually. It's really refreshing, and often helps me go back to the place I need to be. She really encourages me in my work, and is encouraging me to become a better leader. I am really grateful for her influence in my life. I think I'm learning a lot and becoming a more mature leader.

The cool this is after meeting with my boss, I decided to find a prayer calendar. I have decided I have so many people I should be praying for and I'm not. So I spent like 4 hours at least and 20 bucks on this neat little calendar to help me organize my prayer life. Hopefully I will be able to keep it up and pray for these people everyday. I'm excited by this, because I've totally noticed how much my life and ministry has changed since I made a commit to improve my prayer life.

The good news is today I get to listen to the band play! Horray. I'm excited. I also got to sleep in really late today. It's nice to enjoy a few days just bumming around. :-) Well, the summary: I'm having a great vacation and the best new year ever!

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