Saturday, January 21, 2006

of eventfulness...

Man, today was eventful. I woke up with it snowing. At first, I thought it wasn't so bad, just a nice little snow. By 4:00, I realized this was a lot of snow. It just kept snowing all day! I would estimate almost half a foot of snow fell today. This ain't your puny West Texas snow ya'll!

Anyway, today I met for the first time to begin a weekly prayer meeting. The first meeting went pretty well, and I'm looking forward to it next week. But a funny thing happened on the way to the prayer meeting. I got carded for the first time. I was surprised. I was waiting for the girl I was meeting at the station. This is the station I am at every week, so it's possible people recognize me (after all, I easily sick out of a crowd here). Well, I wait 5 mins or so. When I first arrived, I noticed two young police officers standing in the area. Well, since I wasn't doing anything wrong, I promptly forgot them. Like I said, I waited for 5 mins or so, and the girl I am meeting comes. We are talking for a min, and then next thing I know, the cops are there, asking us for our passports! Now you have to remember, it's perfectly legal for them to ask any foreigner for their passports or ID. In fact, I'm required to carry my foreign registration card with me at all times. Of course we didn't have passports, but we had our cards. They inspected our cards and then let us go. It was strange. I never expected something like that to happen just out of the blue like that. But I thought it was really funny. I have no clue why they did it. Maybe they were bored. I don't know. It's not like we looked dangerous or anything. LOL. Anyway, that was interesting.

So then we went to the meeting, and after that we had Gingerbread House. Three kids came. Most didn't come because of the snow. It went well. We played a bit in the snow afterwards. Then she went home and I went shopping for shoes. I don't really have any shoes that are good for rain and snow, so I have a new pair of sneakers now. My old ones were a bit too old. I brought them from America, and that was well over a year ago. Time for new shoes. But I found out today, that while my feet are small in America (8, 8 1/2), they are big in Japan. It's almost impossible to find ladies shoes that fit me! How sad! Well, I suppose it's ok. Most shoes here are hideous anyway. LOL. But I now know my shoe size in centimeters.

The sad part of the day: it was snowing so the band didn't play. That makes two weeks in a row I don't get to hang out with them. I'm sad. Oh well. Got some Japanese homework done today instead. Oh FUN!

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Anonymous said...

What was with those people? Perhaps you guys looked like troublemakers? hehehe Hope it stops snowing soon. Your poor feets. lovelovelovelol