Thursday, March 16, 2006

of footsaru...

So tonight I played footsaru for the first time. It's just like soccer, only with a smaller court and a smaller ball. Each team has 5 players and there is no goalie.

I had tons of fun. Everyone is kind, and they don't care when ppl make mistakes. I was actually the best girl player, I think. I even scored lots of points for my team. It was great. It was a bit nippy tonight, but when you are running around, you don't notice. We played outside, but on the roof of a building downtown. It's really cool. I've never been on the roof of a 6 story building before. It's tons of fun.

I'm really happy to have found such a nice group of people. They are very kind and look out for me. I really appreciate all they do for me. It's great.

Anyway, this week is my last week of classes. This means all my classes are having parties. This means, I get free food all week. :-) It's good.

Saturday we will go watch the Chronicles of Narnia as a group. I hope it goes well.

Ok, I think that's all for tonight. I'm a bit tired.

But I had fun. :-)

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