Monday, March 13, 2006

of submission...

God is just really cool. I mean, I just really like Him. So today, like most mornings, I didn't want to get out of bed. I wanted to cancel all the things I had to do today and just spend the day sleeping. But lately, I've been reminded how important it is to put God first and obey and submit to Him, and then He will provide.

Well, today is a great example of that. I got out of bed (I was a bit late and missed Sunday school) and went to church. After church, more people are talking to me. It's hard because I don't think they know what to do with me, and I'm not really a mingler. I get really uncomfortable with small talk and stuff, so it's difficult for me sometimes to reach out to the church members. But they are slowly talking a little more with me, so that's good.

Anyway, the great thing about today was my Bible Study. I mean, it was so amazing. We had really great discussion and students were really open. I just felt God's presence there. It's really amazing how cool God is. I might be optimistic here, but it seems to me that any one of those students could easily become Christian any time now. They are so interested and dedicated about it. More dedicated than some Christians I know. It's really amazing to see and watch them as they learn something new about God each week. Today I gave them the option of having a party for our last class of the school year next week, or having normal class. Their solution? "Lets bring food and eat and have the study too!" I think that's totally awesome. They don't want to miss one week for a party. I'm so happy they chose that.

Then we had Cell meeting tonight. I was really ashamed because my house is a total wreck. We eventually went out and just prayed since we were missing a person tonight. My fault.

After Cell, I went to hang out with the band. I was so late. I got there at around 10 o'clock. Fortunately they were still there. I think they had had a bit of a frustrating night, but they seemed to be in good spirits when I got there. But it was cold tonight. But I was really happy, because I had really good interactions with them.

I guess part of the reason I'm so happy everytime I see them is because I'm a really insecure person. I am always afraid I'm a burden, or people are just tolerating me because they are nice. So it's always really great when people act like they really enjoy my company. I feel more and more included everytime I go. It's great.

I talked with Mako for a long time tonight. It really means a lot to me when Mako wants to talk to me, because he's kinda shy and didn't talk to me much before. So that means he's getting used to me, or something. Lately everytime I go, he makes it a point to have a small conversation with me. Of course, we get stalled a lot because of my limited Japanese vocabulary.

Anyway, the result is that I went there tonight so tired. And after I talk with them, I just feel so relaxed and happy. It's really amazing how that works out.

So anyway, God is good. It's always a good idea to submit to God!

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