Thursday, March 09, 2006

of sleepy thoughts...

I'm sleepy this morning. I'm used to begin lazy, so sometimes, doing all these things everyday begins to wear me out. But soon... Soon, I'll be sure to make my day off my day off. No more Japanese class on my day off, or meetings or things like that. Well, that's my hope anyway. We'll see what happens...

So anyway, I have a week and two day of classes left for this school year. I can't believe that I have been teaching for a whole year now. It doesn't feel like it at all. I'm amazed I'm still doing it and I still like my job. I'm definitely ready for a vacation. It's probably because I don't use my day's off for rest.

Anyway, this week is almost over, again. Next week will be nice, because it's the last week of classes, so we get to have parties. It will be fun. Mostly it involves going out to lunch/dinner with adult classes and playing games with kids. I'm excited.

But I also have to find time somewhere to clean my house. I'll have people staying over on Monday night, so I really need to get some cleaning done. Then I'll also be having some parties here. But I really want to stop letting my house get so crazy. This might possibly be a life long goal. I don't know.

Anyway, I'm super tired today. I've been doing a lot lately, at least it seems that way, and I think it's beginning to hit me. I just have a little more to go.

I have a lot of little nit-picky-detail things I need to get done. I need to e-mail people and stuff. I don't really like doing details, but I find I'm getting a little better at them than I used to. Oh well. I'm thankful for opportunities to improve. :-)

Ok, time to get my day going. I'll go take care of some of those e-mails now. Sorry for the random post. I'll be home in two weeks!

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