Saturday, March 04, 2006

of sun...

Today, I woke up to sunlight. What a wonderful thing. I often don't appreciate the sunlight until I've spent a week without it. I was expecting rain again today, so it was a nice surprise to have sun this morning. It just makes everything feel warmer.

Today I got a good surprise. The catechisms I ordered like two months ago, finally came. My students will be so happy. I'm really excited about this. And they are even really cool. They have every other page as a blank page for writing notes on. This is so perfect for non-native speakers and non-Christians. I didn't even realize I had ordered this version. How cool is that?

But today I also got a bit of sad news. My favorite ramen shop is about to be no more. I don't know why, (the lady only speaks Japanese, so I was lucky to figure out the ramen was going to stop) but from what I understand, it will become an udon shop (a type of Japanese noodle, ramen would be a Chinese noodle.) This is sad, but I think the woman will still work there. But it looks like Monday will be the last day I can get ramen there. I'll be sad, because I really like that ramen. But I managed to do my Japanese homework tonight.

This weekend will be busy. Tomorrow (today?) I will go to a party in Tokyo. This nice couple from America who are working here for 10 weeks, wants to throw a party for all the V'ers (V'er is what we call the people who work in VYM) in Tokyo. This is cool. I'm looking forward to it.
And maybe if it doesn't rain tomorrow, I'll get to hang out with the band. But if not, I'll get to hang out with them on Sunday, and I'm really looking forward to that. Then Monday is Japanese class, and then I'll go out to dinner with my language partner, Hiroki. Before I meet Hiroki, I should probably go shopping for gifts for people back home at the Christian Bookstore in Tokyo. It's always good to go to places like that while I'm in the area instead of making another trip just for that. It saves money on transportation. Then it's back to work. The weeks just go by so fast! And it seems like my calendar is always booked. But I can't complain. Being busy is better than being lazy. Now if I could only find time to clean my house before I start inviting people over. LOL.

Anyway, this is post number 92. I'm gonna count them down until I get to post number 100. So 8 more to go!

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