Monday, September 11, 2006

Another weekend.

Another week has passed. Time really does fly. I'm sure that pictures of the band are getting old, so I found a few other things to take pictures of. These pictures are from my cell phone. The flowers are outside of my house. I don't take care of the flowers or anything. So sometimes I'm surpised by what pops up.

The other pictures are of my new pencil. One of my students went to a city famous for tako-yaki (fried octopus balls). So this is a Hello Kitty pencil dedicated to that. It's cute. More than that, it's fun. I can play with it while I write. I love Japan!

So it's been one of those weeks. The weather's been changing, so I've had pressure headaches quite often this week. Normally that's not so bad, but it's been hot and muggy lately too. So I've had the headaches and then also upset stomach. Not fun. :-( Hopefully the hot weather will stop soon. Fall is comming. Comfortable weather for a little while, then winter again.

Recently, I think my brain has been off. Lately whenever people talk to me, I can't understand what they are saying. Doesn't matter what language they are speaking to. I called my mom, and had to keep asking her to repeat herself. Same thing when I talked to another friend on the phone. And today too. It's just one of those things where you just end up feeling amazingly stupid. I hope my brain turns back on soon...
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