Monday, September 04, 2006

Random thoughts.

So yesterday was back to my typical Sunday Schedule. I did the church thing, taught my really awesome Bible Study class (for two hours), then after I actually managed to do some work at my house (ususally I bum around) like e-mails and detail stuff that I really don't like so much, then of course, I went out to see the band. Good day.

So this is a picture I took on my way walking to the station. Really no meaning, but it just goes to show, graffiti really is everywhere.

So anyway, I had a good time last night. I did some homework while I was there, but I also managed to talk to many people. It's really nice, because I don't like to initiate so many conversations, but people are getting really good about making sure I am included in the coversations.

Yesterday Mako sat beside me. Normally I'm sitting close to Sing and he translates for me, but yesterday Sing was being treated to massages, so Mako decided to sit next to me. He doesn't really speak English, but he was very good about including me in the conversations. I was happy.

But the funny thing about my conversations now. It ususally goes something like this.

Japanese person: First couple of words are in English, short pause, finish the sentance in Japanese. Usually this works because I can understand the key words and guess the meaning of the sentance.
My reply: First couple of words in Japanese, short pause, finish sentance in English. Again, this usally works because they understand the English key words from school.

So that's the basic conversation. Everynow and then we get hung up on words that we can't explain or translate and then we have to ask someone who speaks more English to help us translate. Then we go back to the conversation. It's a really interesting format, but it works.

On a side note, I have known the band for a year now. Time really does fly. My Japanese has improved a little, at least I can have more conversations than before. Maybe they are just used to me being there and talk to me more. But I still realize how much my Japanese still lacks. So it's time to study more!

Today I'm going to mail in my application for the Japanese Language Profeciency Test. Japan is really serious about tests and stuff. I'm just taking the test to give me a motivation for study. It will be hard though. I'll have to try hard.
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