Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Just one of those days...

So here's two random pictures of my cell phone. Yeah, it's strange, but hey. As you can tell, (or recall from knowing me before) I really like accessories. I'm not quite obsessed, but I do spend too much money on them.

So yeah, there are days living in a foreign country that you just realize how foreign it really is. Or at least how far you have to go still. So sometimes I'll feel really good about my Japanese. Everyone compliments me, and I can follow a lot of simple conversations. Also, I'm so used to not understanding things, that I don't always notice when I'm missing information.

Well, today I went out to eat. And everytime someone talked to me, I had to ask them to repeat themselves, or I didn't understand something. I felt like I had just taken ten steps backwards. Operating in a foreign language is a good way to feel stupid all the time...

Anyway, today a Japanese Prince was born. It's a big deal. First male born to the Royal family in 41 years. So everyone's making a big deal about it. It's kinda cool.

So while I was eating sushi tonight at this really cool place called KappaZushi (it's really cheap and yummy) I decided I should buy something to commemorate the birth of the new Prince.

So I bought a Hello Kitty dressed up as a Kappa. A Kappa is a mythical water sprite. Apparently they really like to eat cucumbers. Anyway, it's what the sushi shop is named after. It's really cute, so here's a close up of it.
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