Monday, September 18, 2006

Good weekend.

This weekend was amazingly good. It was still rainy, but for some reason my mood wasn't affected. Actually, I'm pretty certain that it's because I spent a good day with God on Saturday. I listened to Christian music online most of the day, so when I went out I was in a really good mood. But it seems to be a combination. Lot's of good things happened this weekend.

The band played really well this weekend. Everyone seemed mostly healthy and in good spirits. I had a lot of good conversations, and even in Japanese. I didn't end up feeling like an idiot this weeked, which was good.

I guess I was also a bit on the hyper side. I guess I don't go hyper as often in Japan, so they seem to be surprised when it happens. It's fun!

So here are some pictures from this weekend. I had pictures of my Bible Class too, but I couldn't find them, so I'll put them up when I do. But the first picture is the three "staff" members. They do a lot of the work. They help set up and take down and make and pass out flyers. At least one of them is present every weekend. They are very dedicated.

Next is Shi-shi, the new guitarist. He played Electric guitar this weekend. It was really cool. Yesterday he wore a cool hat too. Musicians are just really cool looking!

Today is a national Holiday, so they should play again today. It's still a bit rainy, but it shouldn't be as rainy as yesterday was, so that's good.

Anyway, I'm just really happy this weekend!!! It's a good feeling. :-D
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